Windows Phone 7 Series The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Microsoft has recently unveiled the Windows Phone 7 Series at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. So, what does Windows Phone 7 Series have in store for users and developers? Will it revive Microsoft’s sagging fortunes in Mobile Operating System Marketplace? Perhaps, it’s too early to answer those questions.

However, the good part is Windows Phone 7 Series marks the end of the road for Windows Mobile platform. I believe that it’s something Microsoft should have done long ago when Android and Symbian were still under development. Microsoft plans to retain services such as Zune and Xbox for Windows Phone 7 Series so it’s not an alien platform altogether.

Now, the bad part – users hate to migrate from one operating system to another and that’s true for mobile phones as well. The switch from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7 Series would be painful to say the least. Moreover, Microsoft has no killer mobile apps unlike Apple to entice users and developers.

It gets ugly when you consider that Windows Phone 7 Series will not hit the shelves before the 2010 holiday season. Microsoft may be a leader in desktop operating system but by all means, its well behind Apple, Google and Nokia in mobile space.

For Windows Phone 7 Series, it’s the familiar Microsoft tale of ‘Better Late than Never’!

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  • Anon

    Microsoft is well behind RIM as well, on the mobile side of things. Don't tell only part truths, it makes for bad articles.

  • Ruk Cooray

    What are you talking about? I didn't mention RIM at all, RIM's a pile of rubbish anyway, I have more faith in Windows 7 than I do in RIM and their OS 6.0 which probabbly won't even be out until 2014!

  • Mark

    What a vague article with no useful information. FAIL.

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