This you???? Twitter Phishing Attack

Twitter users have been hit by a phishing attack, the direct messages sent out say something along the lines of “This You????”, “hey, i’ve been having better sex and longer with this here” or “LOL this is funny” followed by a link to a phishing site that looks like twitter which then asks you to enter your twitter credentials in.

Video Explanation from Sophos:

According to reports, some high profile people have been affected by this scam including; Ed Miliband, Nick Higham and even First Direct Bank.

F-Secure say that “We think it could have something to do with some of the recent search engine deals that have been made. Yahoo announced that they’ll begin to include Twitter’s real-time feed into their search results and Facebook is now included in Google’s search results. The bad guys can use social networking trust to enhance their SEO [search engine optimisation] attacks.”

Whatever the reasons, let’s hope users become more savvy about checking urls when entering their credentials.

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