No More Sexual Pleasure on Apple App Store?

Apple Bans Overtly Sexual Content from App Store
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

It seems that the Apple App Store has finally pulled the plug on all sexual and porno apps. Developers behind such apps have been receiving notifications from Apple that their apps are being removed from the App Store due to a ‘new policy change’.

Many apps including ‘Wooble iBoobs’, ‘Sexy Women’ and ‘Exotic Positions’ have already faced the axe. However, some apps such as ‘Sex Strip’ and ‘Beautiful Boobs’ are still available with an adult warning. Whether, Apple is manually picking the apps to just remove the overtly sexy content – I’m not so sure. Some sources claim that Apple is pursuing the removal of apps that are even slightly non-PG.

However, what I do know for sure is that apps with sexual content have enjoyed immense popularity on the App Store in the past. It’s surely bound to leave a few developers frustrated and quiet a few iPhone users starved for sexual pleasure.

It’s still early days and there’s no official statement from Apple on the issue yet. Has the Morale Brigade taken over the Apple App Store or there’s something else cooking? the iPorn device perhaps? – only time will tell.

Ruk Cooray is Co-Founder of you can find him on twitter here rambling about something or the other


    Dear Apple,

    We are a collection of poor Americans, who have been jobless for the
    last two years. We can barely afford a trip and all the fun we have is
    to look at hot girls, aka adult apps, on our tiny iPhone screen. We
    are hoping big for the iPad. The apps on iPad are poised to change the
    way people interact with the real world.

    But here is the rub: we are unable to use these apps with iPad because
    the iPad lacks something… (What, you mean iPad doesn't have a
    screen? I can watch adult stuff even with my black and white tv, but
    not with this $499 iPad? Now I know why iPads are worse than stones
    … )

    We are asking Apple to provide adult apps on the iPad. We will be
    happy to offer additional technical details.

    The impact of adult apps on our lives could be as significant as the
    introduction of the PC. In 10 years, we believe adult apps will change
    the way everyone experiences travel, design, training, personal
    productivity, health care, entertainment, games, art, and advertising.

    Looking back just a few years, adult apps had to hack a slew of
    components into ridiculously small screens, and be confined to rigged
    environments. Nowadays, it comes in friendly, affordable packages and
    the iPhone is one of the first devices to have it all – except not any

    The battle to determine the winning device has already begun; a public
    access to adult apps will give the iPhone a lucrative ticket to

    We believe Apple has a window of opportunity of about 3 months before
    developers start looking elsewhere. If Apple decides to approve the
    adult apps in that time frame – in the next 10 years, everyone might
    be using the iPad as the preferred device to interact with the real

    Best regards,

    Poor American People

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