Motorola Droid USB Secret Unveiled

32GB USB thumb drive 2
Image by Gadget_Guru via Flickr

A smart hack from 3 good men – Mike Kershaw (Kismet), Mike Baker (OpenWRT) and Chris Paget (TomBom Blogger) has just revealed that in future, you might be able to hook up a USB flash drive, printer or even a video camera to your Motorola Droid phone.

The concept is simple – design a micro-dongle and connector cable for your Motorola Droid phone. Since Android offers a USB Host mode, so there are endless possibilities for Droid to be customized in order to work with USB devices.

Preliminary results show that Droid may not be a perfect USB host but there are bound to be plenty of improvements in its USB capabilities as more hacks get unfolded. The possibilities are endless and it opens up a new avenue of applications for Motorola Droid.

As Chris Paget puts it ‘This is just the start, expect to see a whole new generation of Android hackery to start soon’. I’m certain that these are some hacks which Google won’t mind for sure!

Read more about the hack here

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