Jonathon Ross Tweets Project Natal Coming in October?

Microsoft Project Natal Demo
Image by nDevilTV via Flickr

Has Jonathon Ross spilled the beans on Project Natal? While Microsoft just mentioned that Project Natal would be ‘out in time for the holidays’, Ross decided to tweet about it publicly mentioning that Project Natal would be coming out in October this year.

So, why should Mr. Ross be believed – Well, for a start, below is a video showing him playing Project Natal. It’s clear that Microsoft showcased Project Natal to Ross earlier this week in order to generate a buzz around it.

However, I’m not sure Microsoft would appreciate Ross divulging sensitive details related to launch date or pricing of Project Natal. After all, Project Natal is one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects for 2010 and they would probabbly like to keep all its secrets closely guarded till it believes that the time is ripe to disclose them.

So, has Wossy invited trouble for himself with his latest tweet?

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