Iran Cracks Down on Gmail Access – Offers New Email Service as Alternative

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It looks like Gmail will never see light of the day again in Iran. With the Iranian revolution anniversary around the corner, Iran’s telecommunication agency has ‘permanently’ suspended Google’s popular email service – Gmail, with immediate effect.

Over the last few days, people from many cities in Iran have reported disruptions regarding Internet and Text Message Services. However, the move to ban Gmail was rather unexpected. To be honest, I’m sure it would have come as a rude shock to Google who’s already been facing the heat in China.

While Google initially declined to comment on the matter, it later acknowledged ‘a sharp drop’ in Iran’s Gmail traffic trends. There’s no official word from Iran’s telecommunication agency as to when the new nationwide email service would be rolled out.

Be it China or Iran – Google’s troubles don’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon!

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