Archos 7 Tablet Specs – An Intentional Leak?

Picture of a PMA booting openPMA v0.
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There’s no shortage of internet websites claiming access to the new Archos 7 Tablet specifications. These specs were first spilled out on the product listing page of a UK online retailer and have subsequently spread like fire on the internet.

I’d hardly be surprised if this is an intentional leak to spread the word on Archos 7 and take on the likes of recently launched Apple iPad. The specs mention a 7 inch color touchscreen with 8 GB storage. As compared to its elder sibling Archos 5, the Archos 7 boasts of a larger screen, user facing webcam, DC charger and slide locking on/off switch. The rumored price for Archos 7 is nearly one third of the Apple iPad, whether that’s true or just a rumor remains to be seen.

If the Archos 7 Tablet can pose a threat to the Apple iPad, it’s surely going to be an interesting tussle which would completely transform the digital publishing and reading industry.

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