What Are The iPhone Killers In Fact

iPhone_KillerI know I posted one or two articles about the new Motorola Droid in which I called it an iPhone killer. This is still my opinion. However, it should not reach a fever pitch. I know that the Droid is not only impressive, but amazing. It is indeed a strong competitor to Apple’s iPhone but we need to think of it as more of a new device than an iPhone killer. There is always a hype leading up to any new mobile device, especially one that promises a lot to its users. However, if you recall, the Blackbery Storm was an iPhone killer, the Palm Pre was an iPhone killer, and so was the G2. However, the iPhone is still here and it is still prospering. Why? Because the so-called iPhone killers are not actually trying to compete with Apple’s iPhone.

Most of them are specialized on different things and are running different operating systems. Also, the companies that produce them have different targets, and definitely not killing the iPhone. Google designed Android, Droids OS. Motorola and Verizon Wireless are releasing the Droid and are making hyping it. And this is what they should do. In the end, these companies must sell their products! However, I don’t think Google ever thought that the Droid will be regarded as an iPhone killer. Google’s OS is trying to kill Windows Mobile and Symbian. So, in the end, there will be no iPhone killer behind Motorola’s Droid.

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