OWLE Bubo For iPhone — A Great Addition

owleNow that the Apple iPhone 3GS has video capability, people need to be able to take professional photos and create amazing videos. I am sure you already saw a lot of these photos and videos on the World Wide Web. But why would you use the iPhone to make videos when you can use a camera for this? The answer is because a good camera costs twice as the Apple iPhone 3GS. You might say that the quality is lower. Yes, it is. However, a startup company knows as OWLE (Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement) came up with a mount for the iPhone, specially designed for filming. It is called OWLE Bubo This new gadget offers to steady your shots and greatly increase the quality of your photos and video with its 37mm camcorder lens. There is also support for external lighting and power. You will find the front facing microphone of the Bubo most interesting. In addition, you can add lens to it, making it highly versatile.

Since this is a relatively simple product, it has no cons. Perhaps the design (looks like a Xbox 360 controller) is a little strange. However, it is very ergonomic. This is perfect for you bloggers! If you need a great companion to your iPhone 3GS, take the OWLE Bubo with you!

You can get it from here for just $99.95. Also, check out www.testfreaks.co.uk for other great and interesting reviews!

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