Cambridge Geek Day

The Sporkings team can often be found at events in and around London, where a lot of the technology events take place. But every now and then, something outside of our radar catches our attention.

On the 21st November 2009, something very cool is happening in Cambridge. ‘Cambridge Geek Day’. Organised by the very young, but very smart Jamie Rumbelow, this is to be a very developer oriented day .

Tickets are £60, that covers refreshments all day, plus a two course lunch – fancy! There’s an excellent line-up of speakers, including Drew McLellan, Mark Boulton, Chris Heilmann and Elliott Kember.

Jeremy Gimbel is designing a “Tweets from CGD”, in the style of the “Tweets from FOWA” app, but with a little more style, apparently ;-). In the words of @jamerumbelow: It’s gonna be an awesome day!

[Update] The website is now live, so you can buy your tickets here.

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