Sony PS3 Strikes Again, At Just £160.96 (VAT included)

Sony Playstation 3:Box Contents

Image by Touzeen Hussain via Flickr

This is another point for Sony and its Playstation 3! You can get it for just £160.96 from Costco and this, in my opinion, is the best deal. Even if you use it as blu-ray player, this is still a very hot offer! However, who uses his PS3 only to watch movies? Although it comes without any games and blu-rays like in the other (more expensive) packages, you can buy lots of great games at discount prices and have the fun of your lifetime!

This deal is for a Sony PS3 80GB and, like many users stated, “these ps3s are real cheap now!!!” And they’re right! It must be the crisis forcing Sony to cut prices. How else could the company make some sales? So, now is the perfect time to get yourself one of these amazing consoles. If you have an executive club card, you can save 2% more, lowering the price from £160.96 (VAT included) to just £157.75 (VAT included).

This is one of Sony’s best deals at this time and you should really make a purchase as soon as possible because Costco’s stock might vanish over a day or two. At this price, I would not be surprised at all! You can find more about the deal here.

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