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The last week of August was a busy time for Apple maybe because it was the silly season and all the journos and bloggers were on the holidays, and maybe because it was HOT, which seems like a funny time to release Snow Leopard.

Release it they did and boy oh boy, were we all excited, I threw it on to my machine as quick a lightening, a mere 37 minutes and bam! I was standing in the Snow and it was good. OK, I know many of you who installed probably thought is this all I get for my £29 but I say, what a bargain for a new OSX. Had I known you could pick it up at Amazon for £22.99, one day after the release, perhaps I would have waited. Better still, had I known there was no License key, I would have shared this update with the Kings of Spor making the update cheaper than a cocktail. My favourite feature of Snow Leopard apart from more hard disk space, Stacks! which now look sexy.

Next up AT&T appear to be in trouble for not allowing MMS on the iPhone as advertised. Now here was me thinking that in the UK we are behind the times. Even we have MMS here on O2, why we don’t have free tethering, well that is another story, check it here for a solution. I’d like to remind all operators carrying Smartphones, you’re users are smart, offer them the functionality they know they should have or risk them wandering off when you don’t have exclusivity.

Exploding iPods/Phones anyone? We don’t have much to add to the buzz around this. Just to say Apple are in denial with the BBC reporting Apple as saying that ‘broken screens have all resulted from external pressures placed on them’. All I say is thank goodness England is cold and wet.

Spotify gets the green light for the App store. Well done Apple on realising this isn’t realistically going to break the business model. £10 a month to use the Spotify Service, and not yet available in America. Why people thought it wouldn’t happen is beyond me. Spotify offer less music than iTunes, and I bet once we road test this you’ll have a lot of drop off points where weak signals will kill then enjoyment, throwing you back to the whole, oh maybe I’ll listen to my ‘downloaded’ music.

Facebook App 3.0 released, can’t say I didn’t mention it.. Moving swiftly along…

Apple tablets and Steve Jobs back on board. The rumor mill is still grinding this one, with the Wall Street Journal saying to the world that Jobs, was keeping a close eye on this project. I hope it is true, I’d like to see Jobs recovered and where he should be.

I’d also like this to be a real advert, and strangely I’d like to see some of these apps.

Until next time folks…

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