Twitter randomly suspending accounts… again!

Only last week did Twitter post a message on their blog apologising for accidentaly suspending accounts and now it seems it’s happening all over again.

I opened TweetDeck to see blank fields. After re-starting the app a couple of times I launched the webpage to see my horror, that I had been suspended.

After sending a polite support message, and venting my frustration out on Facebook, I found that I wasn’t the only one. Suspended was a trending topic of TwitScoop. So I did a quick search and found that it was a Déjà vu of last week, but maybe even worse.Picture 1

Before I got time to finish writing this post, my account had been re-activated. Seems like there was a major glitch in the system, and Twitter need to get it fixed. This comes on the day that TechCrunch are to release private and confidential files that were stolen from Twitter, after their Google Docs account was hacked

Time to get serious about the security, Twitter.


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