Facebook supressing freedom of speech

We came across a very interesting article on Demonized, that we just had to share with you.

Facebook being the largest social networking website in the world has also managed to supress freedom of speech and contribute to the suppression of breaking news. Since the last few weeks, Facebook along with twitter and youtube has proved essential for Iranians to release information and spread videos and warnings to others in Iran and the world. However the computer systems at Facebook have been regularly identifying this mass communication as illegal spam, and subsequently disabling and banning real users who are in real life and death situations.

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On top of that, Facebook is too big to have humans identify problems and deal with issues and reactivate accounts.

Facebook is too restrictive, too controlling, too automated, and not the social networking site of the future. It won’t be long before people give up with Facebook out of frustration and move onto better systems and sites. Actually it wouldn’t be

surprising if another site popped up and greatly improved on Facebook, and subsequently overtook it at every level.

Facebook needs to take a step back, slow down and begin to improve on their core systems, and rework the relationship with the customer, which they seem to have forgotten a while back. Facebook could still change, but there needs to be a recognition of their failures before they are able to deal with those and future problems.

While we don’t fully agree – no one is going to be replace Facebook any time soon – we do understand what the author is taking about. Facebook has practically zero customer services. Getting help through the site is infuriating, don’t even think about communicating you problems with another human being, it’s just not going to happen.

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