Cheapest way to get an iPhone 3GS on o2 UK

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We’ve been hunting deals high and low, trying to get our hands on the iPhone 3GS at the cheapest possible price. Some of us may have been on the fence, but let’s face it, it’s not a question of “will I get the 3GS”, more “when will I get the 3GS”.

So we’ve found that if you order your iPhone 3GS through via you may be able to get £60 cashback. We don’t really like (a Carphonewarehouse company), as we have issues with their customer support, but Quido are a sound source. On top of that, if you recycle your iPhone 3G with or Envirophone, you’ll receive £180 cashback. Therefore earning yourself a nice wad of £240.

This gives you some freedom, we now have £240 to play with. You could buy the 3GS on a £45p/m tarrif, and pay off your first month’s bill, and still have £20 left over.

Of course the only problem here is that if you already have an iPhone (or any other contract with o2), you’ll need to end that one before you can get the 3GS. Here’s some news we have on that front:
o2 have what they call Priority List. To become a member of the Priority List you must be spending a certain amount per month, and also have signed up to receive o2 related spam e-mails.

If you currently spend over £35p/m you may be a Silver member, £50p/m you may be a Gold member, and if you spend over £80p/m on your phone bill not only do we recommend you re-think your tariff, but you’re also eligible for Platinum membership.

Here’s the benefit:
Silver members get to upgrade their phones a month early. Gold members 3 months early, and Platinum members can upgrade their phones a whopping 6 months early. Great stuff.

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