Google’s on the Tele!

Google have launched their first television advertising campaign ever. To be shown only in the US, their ad is promoting Chrome.

Chrome being Google’s Internet browser that caused much hype in 2008, grabbing 1.4% of the market. This may not sound a lot, but for the browser market that’s huge. Any company that can take a chunk of Microsoft’s monopoly definitely has something to brag about.

The advert will be broadcast using Google’s own ‘Google TV Ads’ network, almost as proof that Google can be taken serious in a old-media, just as much as new-media.

Filmed using stop-animation, the advert features a Chrome logo rolling around knocking wooden bricks in front of a blue flame. This is supposed to symbolise the browser window frame. The animation then gradually shows Chromes feature list, and finishes requesting the viewer install Chrome.

With Google money towards the Mozilla project ended in the near future, we could be seeing a lot more of Chrome.

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