Chrome Web Store’s developer’s preview launched

Google Chrome logo

Google Chrome

Google’s  annual developer conference held in May bought news of  an all new web apps store for its Chrome web browser. Chrome Web Store is designed to be a central location for buying and selling HTML5-based web apps.  In that direction, Google has launched the first developer preview, developers can access the developer preview of the Chrome Web Store through Google Code Labs.

Information circulating about the Web Store has revealed Google’s web-based marketplace will take a similar approach to Apple’s iPhone App Store, except that Google will only take a 5% processing fee from app transactions, rather than the 30% cut Apple demands for apps on iOS.

“Developers can now start uploading apps and experiment with packaging them, installing them in Chrome (using the latest Chrome dev channel) and integrating our payments and user authentication infrastructure.” said Michael Noth, Software Engineer on Google’s blog.

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