Twitter adding new ‘Users You Both Follow’ Feature

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Twitter has added a new feature called  “You both follow’, this feature lets a twitter user to see any common people that they and another user both follow. This was revealed in a  Tweet posted by Twitter engineer Nick Kallen. “We’re testing the “You both follow” feature (in the profile sidebar). Only 10% of people have it for now.”,he tweeted.

This may be a new beta feature for Twitter, which should have added this  feature earlier, considering how useful it is in showing your social connections between other Twitter users. Other Social Networking sites had a similar feature for years which lets you see the common connections/friends which both you and your friend has.  Facebook calls this popular feature “friends in common” and  release of this Twitter feature might be an attempt of going  head-to-head against Facebook.

Among other feature which I would like to see on Twitter is recommendations people to follow based on who my friends are following similar to Facebook’s “Add as a Friend” suggestions.

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