Novatel Wireless Intelligent Mobile Hotspot review – Value for Money

Novatel Wireless Intelligent Mobile HotspotNovatal Wireless Intelligent Mobile Hotspot is a cool multi-purpose device – It allows up to 5 802.11bg appliances to share a single wireless 3G connection and it doubles up as a conventional 3G dongle via a USB interface which can be wired to your PC. With an in-built 2GB microSD card, it serves wonderfully well as a NAS drive as well.

As far as looks and ease of use are concerned, the Novatel Wireless Intelligent Mobile Hotspot beats all its rivals by a fair distance. It’s a true ‘wireless’ portable device with wire free data distribution mechanism and wire free power source. Novatel Wireless Intelligent Mobile Hotspot has very impressive 802.11 ranges of 15m (indoor – through walls).

Since it’s a portable device, it does suffer from the poor battery life syndrome. All in all – it offers decent speed and is a great way to quickly check  your emails or conduct a quick business meeting. If you want a multi-functional device which can work as a wireless modem as well as a Mobile Hotspot, look no further!

You can get it from for under £250

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  • kyrylkov

    Novatel Wireless MiFi 2352 (European version) & MiFi 2372 (American version, for AT&T, Bell, etc) from the official distributor.

    No contract, no SIM lock, can be used with any 3G/HSPA network/operator around the world. Feel the real freedom with this revolutionary device.

    Available in black and white with worldwide shipping:

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