Samsung doles out free Galaxy S phones to iphone4 customers in U.K.

Samsung Galaxy SAntennagate has seen Apple sparring with its rivals which started when the new iPhone 4 reception problems began. Nokia took a dig by releasing a tongue-in-cheek ‘How do you hold your Nokia?’ feature , Steve Jobs retaliated during the iPhone 4 press conference and presented data that showed that its competitors phones, including Samsung Omnia II faced the issues which was quickly rebutted by Nokia and others . Samsung had hit a novel approach for getting back at Apple, it is giving out free Samsung Galaxy phones to lucky few in U.K.

As shown in the image above, tweets from the Samsung UK Twitter account indicate that complaining iPhone 4 users  are getting the top-of-the-line Android phone within a day of Samsung reading their complaints about the iPhone 4.  Samsung said that it was confident that once iPhone 4 users have the Galaxy S in their hands, they would see how impressive the phone is.

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