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With today’s launch on the iPad in the UK, we thought we’d save you the trouble of looking around for the right accessories. We’ve had the pleasure of trying our some of the nicest accessories available for the device and here are our thoughts;

Advanced Screen Protector – they may have been nice to have on the iPhone to avoid pocket-scratches, but these things are an absolute necessity with the iPad. At some point of another, you’re probably going to drop the iPad, or drop something on it and the 10inch screen is just crying out to be scratched!

The Advanced Screen Protectors are available from ProPorta for around £14.95. While we do believe these things are a must for any iPad owner, they’re a bloody pain in the backside to attach. Removing air bubbles from underneath the film is tedious is you don’t apply it correctly. The protectors are replaceable and washable though, making it worthwhile.

Maya II Sleeve – Sleeve style cases always prove pretty popular and while I use one for my mobile phone, I’m not so sure they’re a good choice for the iPad. The Maya II Sleeves look absolutely gorgeous and protect your iPad while it’s in your bag, but the moment you take the iPad out of the sleeve to use it, it’s vulnerable. The sleeve is a perfect fit, so you won’t be able to attach a gell-style skin to the iPad and then insert it into the sleeve. Meaning if you drop the iPad, you’re going to get dents! If you would like to pick one up anyway, they’re available from ProPorta for a handsome £19.95.

Mizu Shell – This gell-style case on the other hand is perfect. It completely engulfs the iPad, protecting the back and sides of the device. If you pair this product with the Advanced Screen Protector, you have some pretty good all-round protection. The shell also looks very stylish. They are abailable from ProPorta for £24.95. The only problem here, is the screen remains pretty vulnerable when you place the iPad into a bag with other things (i.e. keys). This is where the vegetal comes into play.

LaCie Vegetal – The Vegetal case from LaCie is really a 10inch netbook case, and with a standard iPad would feel a little over-sized. But paired with the Mizu Shell, you get a really good fit. This leaves the iPad protected on all areas.

The soft Soya memory-foam with Bamboo protected padding keeps your mind sound  in the knowledge that the iPad would probably be okay with a little drop and the Linen exterior makes for unusually comfortable handling. Not only is this case comfortable to carry around all day, but it looks great too. Not to mention it’s eco friendly. We’re not sure exactly what that means, but if you’re green and aware, this may be the case for you – we just appreciate the comfort and protection. The 10 inch Vegetal is available for £24.99 directly from LaCie.

So to round-up, our preferred methods of protection for the iPad, are a Advanced Screen Protector, Mizu Shell and LaCie Vegetal Sleeve. Give them a try and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks to ProPorta we’re able to offer you a 10% off Coupon Code for purchasing any of the accessories from their website. Just enter SPORKINGS during checkout.

  • It's nice to see some of the lesser-known iPad accessories covered here. With all these awesome accessories, getting the iPad is really only half the fun. The device is so innovative it hurts. It’s just a sign that Apple aims to create elegant products, of which the iPad is an excellent example. Elegance is a difficult concept to define, and it’s almost impossible to produce unless you understand it on a deep, intuitive level. Jobs gets it. Very few other people in the technology industry get it.


  • Those accessories looks great. They can definitely take care of your iPad from scratches.

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