Verizon to launch 4G Handsets by Mid 2011

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If you are one of those who craves for lightning cellular network speeds and mobile phones with futuristic appeal, your wishes might just come true next year courtesy Verizon’s latest announcement. Verizon Wireless has recently announced its plans to launch its first LTE handset for 4G networks by middle of next year.

However, the launch of 4G might see the end of Verizon’s unlimited data plans. If everything goes as per plan, Verizon’s 4G network will be ready by the end of this year. Once the network is available, 4G handsets will arrive in another 3-6 months timeframe.

Verizon 4G handsets will have backward compatibility with existing 3G networks. In what can be labeled as trade-off for better speed, Verizon has decided to pull the plug on unlimited data plans there by hoping to control the volume of data on its 4G network.

Unlimited data plans with 4G speeds might just be the perfect recipe for a disastrous network and nobody knows it better than the folks at Verizon.

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