Apple Tablet – Steve Jobs Greatest Job Ever?

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Image via CrunchBase

In a recent statement, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has said ‘ Apple Tablet will be the most important thing I’ve ever done’. These are strong words for a man who’s already been credited with game changing innovations like iPhone and iPod. If these innovations were not the most important things he ever did in his life, Steve has just set the bar higher for his latest dream project – The Apple Tablet, often rumored to be named as iSlate.

Whether the Apple Tablet will eventually live up to the pre-launch hype and buzz remains to be seen but with these words, Steve Jobs has set the bar to an altogether different level than the iPhone and the iPod. While the Tablet specs have been closely guarded by Apple, there’s no shortage of rumors on the internet claiming access to leaked specs and pricing information.

Steve – I, for one, am eagerly waiting to see the ‘the most important thing’ done by you!

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